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Spent this morning preparing for a meeting with @RupaHuq and then met @pritipatel the Home Secretary to promote the principle that women attending clinics for an abortion should not be confronted with anti-abortion protests. Bans exist in countries like Canada and France.

We are expecting the Home Office to reassess the evidence which they presented in their 2018 review, which does not present the full picture, and to gather new evidence.

Applications for the Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage are now open! The deadline is midday 17 August. You can find the details here:

RT @Anglusndola: RT @Anglusndola: Excellent interview with @bernardjenkin MP on SkyNews telling Tories to “Get real” about any leadership election!! https:/…

RT @darrengrimes_: Wow! I’ve been waiting for the Government to embrace this attitude since June 23rd 2016! Brexit cannot be seen by those implementing it as damage control, but an opportunity to get out and into the world!…

RT @darrengrimes_: RT @darrengrimes_: Dennis Skinner's face upon hearing that his party wants to sell out 17.4 million leave voters

RT @darrengrimes_: It’s perfectly possible to avoid a hard border “Irish revenue commissioners, HMRC, customs experts, have all put forward propositions that would allow you to have an open border,” says the brilliant @MissVHewson

RT @darrengrimes_: Thanks to the backstop proposal in this deal @KateAndrs right to point out we're in a "terrible position" of giving Brussels power to simply say: “Sorry! You’re tied into the Single Market, you’re tied into the Customs Union, that is not the Brexit that people voted for.”

RT @darrengrimes_: This bloke at Theresa May's CBI love in is a legend: “those opportunities will be lost if you sign that agreement and you lock us in to the EU regulatory framework... could I ask you to think again... rather than listening to the Confederation of European Industry?”

RT @darrengrimes_: CBI’s decades-long record on Europe: • 1990s supported the ERM • 2000s supported joining Euro • 2010s supported Remain All now considered to be unmitigated disasters. …and now it has declared its support for May’s deal! #WrongThenWrongNow…