All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, BC Member of Natural Resources Committee, Co-Chair Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus.

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RT @fivefivesix_ca: My voting attire this evening. Had the honour of voting for @LeslynLewis in Haldimand. One day she’ll be the leader of the CPC.

RT @JJ_McCullough: RT @JJ_McCullough: Wow, the Trudeau hang-up story is even more damning with added details. “I told him to stop his political babbling…” htt…

RT @wyattsharpe8: RT @wyattsharpe8: Preferred Choice for PM!

RT @RickPetersonCA: Proud to support my good friend @PeterMacKay for @CPC_HQ Leader. His deep roots in our Party, tremendous caucus & fundraising support & his focus on staying true to his values in this campaign clearly make him our best choice to be Canada’s next Conservative Prime Minister.

RT @akurjata: Upper Similkameen Band response to Saint Anne's Church and Chopaka Lady of our Lourdes Church fire: "We... are in disbelief of the complete disregard for our elders and ancestors... Putting our lands, wildlife and members at risk is not the way". Statements from Elders follow

RT @akurjata: Two more churches in the interior burned, belonging to the Upper and Lower Similkameen Bands Lower Similkameen chief Keith Crow: "I'm angry... I don't see any positive coming from this and it's going to be tough."…

RT @akurjata: The full statement from the Penticton Indian Band issued June 21: "This is a fresh wound that needs time to heal and contextualize our feelings"

RT @akurjata: The first two churches to be burned in B.C. belonged to the Osoyoos and Penticton Indian Bands who "are in disbelief and anger over these occurrences as these places of worship provided service to members who sought comfort and solace in the church"…

RT @akurjata: Chasity Daniels, former chief of Gitwangak: "Anyone who would have done that did wrong because it wasn't a Catholic Church, it was an Anglican Church and there's nothing but good memories in that church for our community"

RT @akurjata: That was the second attempted burning of the church. Here is chief councillor Sandra Larin speaking after the first, unsuccessful, attempt