All deleted tweets from politicians

Chris Heaton-Harris

I am the Conservative MP for Daventry and a not bad football ref!

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RT @BromfordSupport: “@DavBromSupp: Daventry Bromford Support are here to help with varying needs. Contact us on 01327 701675.” Go on pi ...

RT @EasyPeasyCookUK: Joke: Why did the man stare at the can of orange juice? Because it said 'concentrate.'

RT @EasyPeasyCookUK: Joke: Where do you learn to make ice-cream? At Sundae school

RT @EasyPeasyCookUK: Joke: Why did the student eat his homework? Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!

RT @26mjw: If Ireland are drawn in a group with with Greece, Portugal and Italy, will it be the group of debt ?

Am ref today for Brixworth v Roade at Foxhill Crescent. 2.30pm KO. Nice and mild, so why not come and watch a good game of amateur football?

RT @Middlehillact: No #Windpower today! All UK turbines generating a pathetic 271 MW #PolicyFailure @chhcalling @DECCgovuk

RT @Middlehillact: Oops! UK #Windpower output now dropped to just 102Mw. Grid demand risen to 33,440Mw #Hopeless @chhcalling @DECCgovuk ...

RT @Middlehillact: How's that #wind energy policy working out? #windpower delivering 0.072 gw against UK demand of 52.09 gw - ie a miser ...