All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Calgary Forest Lawn and Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate

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RT @PetersonLeader: @deepakobhrai @ErinOTooleMP Because Deepakage had called a cab to pull up to the front door of the Hotel in Markham just as he finished his speech? #verysmooth

RT @mforsis: RT @mforsis: @deepakobhrai Thank you for this information. Very perceptive that it is indeed needed when MSM has so clearly failed in their…

RT @M4FM4N: RT @M4FM4N: @deepakobhrai having a hard time but at least he showed up and gave it a legit shot. More than we can say about @kevinolearytv…

RT @Andrew_Zettel: @jasonlcarvalho @stephenharper @CPC_HQ Plus, in 2011, the #CPC had massive immigrant support, thanks to the efforts of @jkenney, @deepakobhrai and others.

@bankofcanada Cheif Crowfoot should have been on our Money a long time ago. There would be no Canadian Economy without him. We are indebted to his legacy and IT NEEDS TO BE HONOURED please!!!!

RT @pbakhmut: Calgary #cpcldr candidate @deepakobhrai speaking about big, tolerant, welcoming tent built by Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney. He is my MP!

RT @mariedanielles: RT @mariedanielles: Deepak Obhrai says "I want to assure you, I'm not a ghost" after some reports said he wouldn't be here #cpcldr

RT @mariedanielles: RT @mariedanielles: Obhrai really has a knack for getting people to like him. he gets more applause than O'Leary. #cpcldr