All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Didcot and Wantage | ex Minister for Culture & Digital Economy | trustee @NYTofGB @britdoc | chairman @creativefuseNE

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RT @LDNOverground: @roytheeditor Hi Roy, roasted at 375° F it should reach an internal temperature of 165° F in about 1.5 hours, be careful to not over-cook it as it will be dry. [Tariq]

RT @FelicityOnTv: RT @FelicityOnTv: Chatting to @edvaizey at the opening of @BoundaryPark - cricket, rugby & football pitches. #didcot @ThatsOxon https://t.c…

RT @thirtyfourpc: Dido Harding needs to warm up before her next committee appearance - the first 30 mins of her gig this morning were a gaff-ridden, skip-fire. No confidence -now watching @edvaizey on #PoliticsLive, there are other speakers present but #JoCoburn has made it the Ed Vaisey show.

RT @RichardTofts: RT @RichardTofts: @StewartWood @edvaizey How about the best one , Status quo?...

RT @jpwiseuk: A quick thread on one of the most interesting but overlooked manifesto pledges from the new Govt to double R&D spending and promote regional investment because, well I work in technology and I'm northern.

RT @jpwiseuk: Today most people have to structure their lives around where they work - what happens when that changes? Here’s my guest edit of the exceptional @ExponentialView featuring @CentreforCities, @ConorDougherty and Old Trafford.…

RT @jpwiseuk: Appears that this thread on the UK’s R&D challenge is about to be very outdated. This is the most ambitious budget for increasing investment in UK tech in a generation. It’s going to be hell to deliver it, but what a challenge to take on.

RT @jpwiseuk: RT @jpwiseuk: A great public service being done here by @Siftedeu for anyone who works in tech-focussed SMEs in Europe:

RT @jpwiseuk: According to @pitchbook there’s >£10B of dry powder in UK VC funds right now, more than ever. As @robinklein argues, we can’t let taxpayers take on all this risk, at the least the Govt should request matched financing.

RT @jpwiseuk: Cost in 1990s vs today: Mobile phone: $4,000 -> $30 Watt of solar power: $10 -> $0.20 Genome sequence: $2.7B -> $1,000 Developing a vaccine: $600M -> $2.8B+ The barrier to innovation isn’t technical, it’s political. This is why we need to open up life sciences & support R&D.