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Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire

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RT @rosemarydurose: @homegroup ....Good Universal Credit discussion with @official_OHG and MP @heidiallen75. Good to see the sector having similar views and identifying solutions for future roll out.

RT @mcortonscott: RT @mcortonscott: Fab to see @heidiallen75 take a strong stand on the #refugeecrisis -it is not, nor ever should be, a partisan issue. http…

RT @Ikeepbees: .@heidiallen75 thanks for your support with the A428 orange route Heidi. And thanks to @HighwaysEAST for your willingness to listen to local people.

RT @Ikeepbees: RT @Ikeepbees: Just went to my first MP surgery ever - thanks @heidiallen75

RT @CamCritCareEdu: Really encouraging meeting with our MP @heidiallen75 and @DrAJohnston today at Addenbrooke's where, among other things, #visas for #juniordoctors were discussed. If your hospital/ trust has had similar problems with tier 2 visas please get in touch.

RT @S31pearson: RT @S31pearson: We need more MPs like @heidiallen75 who is campaigning for the national interest #RemainAlliance…

RT @golding_m: RT @golding_m: Now even more convinced we need more MPs like @heidiallen75 in parliament! Clearly has the skills & brings people together t…

RT @golding_m: @turbograndad65 @heidiallen75 @dante4inferno Hey, honestly I'm tired of party politics. So look 4 good, moral people to be MPs & hold Gov to account. For me Heidi is that

RT @Zishi_Zhang: Promoting positive message of Britain's leading role in the world at #CPC16 #GlobalBritain with @ONECampaign @ONEcampaignUK @heidiallen75