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RT @UK_Music: UK Music appoints Jamie Njoku-Goodwin (@jnjokugoodwin) as new Chief Executive. Read more here:

RT @SPmontay: How great would our society be if we celebrated the important biological differences between us whilst tearing down the social constructs which impose expectations on people to behave a certain way because they’re men or women? Why aren’t Stonewall fighting for that?

Thank you Peter for a great example of why talranswonen shiukd

RT @EmilyAllan1: 1/ It's time I come out publicly and talk about trans activism. Please be patient as I lay this out, as this is a very difficult topic to parse and I only intend to share helpful information. I am, and have previously declared online, that I am transgender.

RT @HJoyceGender: What the...? Funds pour in to support black lesbian lawyer targeted at work for her sexual orientation - and @CrowdJustice TAKE IT DOWN?? Well, all I can say is that this will turbo-charge giving to @BluskyeAllison, even if it has to be on another platform.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

RT @OliverMilne: The government has published a rebuttal to the Sunday Times piece, both are worth your time and your judgement, but given some of the absolutely vile stuff I’ve seen tweeted today about us sending PPE to China I think it’s worth highlighting this bit.

RT @Glinner: RT @Glinner: But I'm not cishet. I'm a wooblybooblysexual.

RT @thegummy: @OMuirgheasa_MyE @alygriff @Red51592251 @JackieDP I'm just pointing out that you have no idea how 99.99999% of women feel about it. It's silly to think you do.