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RT @PennyMordaunt: Want to help Portsmouth beat #coronavirus? You can become an NHS volunteer by signing up at Or sign up to be a local volunteer via Or if you can’t volunteer you can make a donation via… ❤️

RT @KarlBrophy: My 70 year-old father has already been on to me this morning complaining about @TescoIrl’s preferential pensioner times up to 9am: “Not much f***ing use to me, they won’t sell the wine until 10.30.” #COVID19 #covidireland

RT @AbdullahHasib2: @VictoriaPeckham The complicity of the (far) left in trying to shut down women who want to discuss issues that directly effect them is beyond comprehension. What is going on? Am I missing something?

RT @ITMA_MikeD: The state of the local press in Thurrock? The Gazette prints an anonymous letter. Which will cause distress and concern to local residents. The Council Leader rightly calls them out for printing fake news. Then Your Thurrock attacks the council for an "attack on the press". 👎🙄

RT @allisonpearson: Woman on @BBCr4today thinks that because she froze her eggs aged 36 that she can have a baby ten years later. If you freeze your eggs at 36 the eggs are still that age. And success rate with frozen eggs is v low.

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: Brexit Party predecessor, Ukip, only won a single seat. Clacton. Don’t waste your vote. If you want Brexit, back Bori…

RT @DouglasCarswell: Tweeting as the only person ever elected for Ukip in General Election, if I was in the House of Commons this Saturday, I’d vote for Boris’ deal. Maximum respect for Brexit Party, but it’s time to take this win

RT @10DowningStreet: "To our fantastic British Tamil community, and to Tamils around the world, I wish you a very happy Thai Pongal." — PM @BorisJohnson

RT @ipa_87: I'm sick and tired of the ridiculous lies from Labour activists. Its outrageous and its inappropriate. I am a working class NHS worker. I am compassionate and liberal minded. And I am very proud to call myself a Conservative. I love my country and I won't let Corbyn destroy it.

RT @EssexPoliceUK: We want to speak to Ronan Hughes & his brother Christopher as part of our investigation into the deaths of 39 people whose bodies were found in #Grays. Ronan (left) & Christopher (right) are wanted on suspicion of manslaughter & people trafficking. Read:…