All deleted tweets from politicians

Jamie Greene MSP

Scottish Conservative MSP, West Scotland. Shadow Minister for Transport & Infrastructure. Co-Convenor of LGBTI Cross Party Group. Secret fan of The Archers

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RT @CCHQPress: 🚨NEW independent stats 🚨 🔽Borrowing is DOWN by £18 BILLION over the last year 📉At it's LOWEST level since for 17 years W…

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿4/10 Scots voted for #Brexit but the #SNP want to airbrush those 1 million votes out of the debate. #BBCDN

Under the #SNP: 📉Our economy is stagnant and growing slower than the rest of the UK 💷We have a deficit of over £13 billion 🚑We have shortages of doctors and nurses 👨‍🏫We have 3,000 fewer teachers than in 2007 #StrongerforScotland? #BBCDN

Disappointed that parliament rejected the #BrexitDeal tonight. The Scottish Conservatives are committed to ensuring an orderly #Brexit and delivering on the referendum result.

RT @MilesBriggsMSP: I’m proud to have risen to the challenge and achieved my @ScoutsScotland Youth Advocacy Award. To celebrate Founders Da…

RT @DanFromAyr: The pro-independence crowd make me smile. While I was out talking to real people on the doorsteps yesterday, around 30,000…

I agree that any @GLA_Airport #raillink should not be to the detriment of train services into North Ayrshire and Inverclyde. However, significant questions remain over the cost and the readiness of Paisley's infrastructure to accommodate passengers flows from the airport #GARL.

Oh dear the Deputy First Minister is really on the ropes here. You know they've lost the argument when the SNP have to resort to petty personal attacks. This parking tax will hit the lowest paid and most underrepresented workers in Scotland. We should reject it #FMQs

RT @BradenDavy: Everyone braced for yet more tax hikes, wasted public spending, public sector staffing crisis (as staff don't move to Scotl…

Excellent to hear that both #UKGov and #ScotGov are investing £100 million each into the #AyrshireGrowthDeal. This is devolution at its best, both Scotland's governments working together in a cooperative spirit to the benefit of people across the country.