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Amidst all the turmoil, one of the nicest and most genuine guys in Parliament is getting a well deserved moment in the spotlight and he’s absolutely smashing it. #MarkSpencer #GreatJob

RT @DJAFothergill: Good to have time with ⁦@JSHeappey⁩ this morning and the opportunity to discuss Fairer Funding for Somerset, Adult Socia…

My pet hate is when you board a flight & every blanket on plane is wrapped in plastic. So too all headphones. Before plane even leaves ground, all that plastic has been torn off & is in seat pocket just waiting to get binned. Pointless. @British_Airways @VirginAtlantic

@WasNothingReal @JonBlackmoreArt @TheoButtPhilip That’s the definition of collective responsibility in Government.

Really hope this is true. Indicative votes on Revoke, 2nd Ref, Customs Union, Common Market, EFTA, No Deal & everything else have been no more productive than yrs of effort by HMG. No escaping that the deal IS the compromise & still highest scoring option considered by Parliament

@lizleyshon @MikeSRigby @CeeJay77525089 @DJAFothergill @DevonCC @NorthSomersetC @bathnes @CornwallCouncil @DorsetCC @plymouthcc You’re quite right Liz, you do have to work with the Govt of the day. Lib Dem’s borrowed hundreds of millions not for infra but for revenue spending at interest rates far higher than those available now and all under a Labour Government.

RT @BorisJohnson: We mustn't let politics trump justice in this travesty of a Bloody Sunday trial. What signal does it send out to our brav…

No snow in Bristol. No snow in Weston. Come on Somerset, please don’t let me down! ❄️🤞❄️🤞

RT @StrodeCollege: The government launched its ‘Fire it Up’ campaign to showcase the diverse range of opportunities available to #apprentic…

@JonBlackmoreArt This is not a gutter campaign but I’m not surprised that committed remain campaigners like you find it uncomfortable. I represent tens of thousands of Leave voters who do not deserve to be made to feel like this.