All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative member of parliament for Solihull, lives in Shirley, working to make our town an even better place to live

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RT @EssexCanning: @julianknight15 @Google @DCMS A very important topic and one it's great to see you tackling, best of luck with the re-ele…

RT @EssexCanning: Plastic bag usage is now down a massive 83% since the #Conservatives introduced the 5p plastic bag charge.…

RT @EssexCanning: The UK leads the world in so many areas, including education, and will continue to do so. Glad Conservatives have s…

RT @EssexCanning: Bloody Tories, helping the typical taxpayer pay LESS tax. #BecauseOfTories

RT @EssexCanning: Just gonna leave this here.

RT @EssexCanning: .@GavinWilliamson is a great appointment and well aware of the changing nature of modern warfare

I like the idea of an expanded national citizenship service but participants should receive credit towards university or further education and it should include a huge gammit of work including providing social care etc

RT @AllisterHeath: Jeremy Corbyn plotting major tax raid on parents' gifts to children… via @Telegraph