All deleted tweets from politicians

Three times elected MP for Solihull, chair DCMS select committee, For casework or any questions please email

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RT @matt_hfoster: DCMS committee chair @julianknight15 tells PolHome: “This poll doesnt surprise me. I think that many people view social media companies as too powerful and unaccountable.” Says Twitter and Facebook “refused to answer the most basic questions” on Covid-19.…

RT @Aggerscricket: RT @Aggerscricket: I can’t believe I’ve just seen that. I don’t think any words can really do that innings justice. We have a new Headingle…

RT @Aggerscricket: RT @Aggerscricket: Oh my days. We will never see the like of that again. Unbelievable

RT @Aggerscricket: What appalling news from Sri Lanka. The most hospitable country and lovely people. Just dreadful what some are prepared to do. And for what? #srilanka 🇱🇰

RT @reporterboy: Quite a night and nobody in that Chamber has much reason to be anything other than mightily thoughtful of how it appeared to those outside who elect them. Oh both sides will claim high ground but to voters both have reasons to take a deep breath and a hard look at themselves

RT @reporterboy: I see those who in truth will never back ANY deal have settled on the assorted fig leaves they’ve gathered to justify not backing this one. They are of course entitled to do so, and might end up on the right side of history, I just wish they were honest about it. #truenodealers

RT @ayesharon: RT @ayesharon: Wow, this takes me back, I remember watching I think, the Care Bears film there when I was very small.…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: We Conservatives are the party which delivered our first British Indian MP all the way back in 1895 Elected a British Indian in Enoch Powell's old seat in 2010 And delivered the first British Asian Home secretary. I am British Indian and I am proud to be a Tory! Deal. With. It.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Dear Leftists You can label me "Uncle Tom" and "race traitor" all you like It's not going to: Silence my voice Stop me being a proud Conservative promoting opportunity for ALL. And it definitely isn't going to stop me being proudly British Indian.