All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative Member of Parliament for Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek and Conservative critic for Transport.

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RT @HettrickMichael: People need to stop using the term "#Wetsuweten protesters". Almost none of these protesters are Wet'suwet'en, nor do they represent their interests. The Wet'suwet'en overwhelmingly support #CoastalGasLink.

RT @ErinOTooleMP: The Prime Minister should stop lying to Canadians like he did again today. No party wants 338 MPs in Ottawa tomorrow. He knows this. Shameful performance.

We will continue to put forward constructive solutions, press the government for answers on behalf of Canadians, and when necessary, call out mistakes that are made – so that they can be corrected, and so that Canadians can get through this crisis as quickly as possible.

RT @DanAlbas: A reminder. To be eligible for the CERB program applicants must have earned a minimum of $5,000 in the previous 12 months & must be out of work as a result of the covid virus. This excludes many Canadians & in particular students. The Gov. Is aware of this & we hope for a fix.

RT @JamesMoore_org: NO NO NO. Massive and dangerous overreach & indefensible. Parliament & the government have the needed tools in existing law and due process to protect Canadians and support the economy. If this is a trial balloon, pop it now.

RT @glen_mcgregor: PMJT says support for journalists to be announced later today. Not exactly sure why this is needed (and a reminder: my employer does not receive federal funding, and that broadcasters don’t qualify for $600m media fund).

RT @MickHettrick: The #Liberal's vote against this motion is pure partisanship, and deeply disappointing for Canadians with #disabilities. They deserve better than poverty. #cndpoli #DisabilityRights…

RT @MickHettrick: There's selective memory and then there's this. It's almost like the Hon. Minister has completely forgotten about the 2008 global recession.…

RT @CPC_HQ: Justin Trudeau is spending 5 million dollars of Canadian taxpayers' money to implement carbon taxes in other countries. #cdnpoli

RT @AndrewScheer: Do you remember what happened after the 2004 election? A 60 second history lesson from Senator Denise Batters. #cdnpoli…