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RT @AmandeepBhogal: In GE2015, I ran into Labour leader Ed Miliband on the train to London. 1st thing he asked me - "Are you going to get the "Sikh vote" out for us?" This Thursday send Labour a clear message - Identity Politics Is Rotten. Brown, Black or White - Labour Do Not Own Your Vote.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: As an immigrant who is a proud Conservative and super proud of 🇬🇧 sadly I often get called an "uncle Tom" - "Traitor" by Leftists Yet again another identity politics Leftist telling me I can't be an individual & make my own political choices. Let. People. Be.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: RT @AmandeepBhogal: Ridiculous Labour idea to segregate women on trains What next from Labour - segregate ethnicities to tackle racism? ht…

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Congratulations to the brilliant @andy4wm elected as 1st Mayor of West Midlands. An honour to have campaigned for Andy to drive forward WM.

RT @AmandeepBhogal: Tonight's Repeal bill vote will reveal exactly who stands in Britain's National Interest and who stands with Brussels #LabourBrexitBetrayal

RT @andy4wm: High Streets are at the heart of our communities & quite frankly they need a fair shot. This initiative can level the playing field with online retailers & local businesses, with potential to bring £2bn to the economy & encourage people back to the High St…

RT @Bladebeak: The BBC has broadcast some excellent films and documentaries about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but none make you go face to face with the absolute depth of the horror of them in the way #LostLives does.

Fabulous cream tea @IronbridgeAAC with @Jacob_Rees_Mogg talking about challenges faced by local business in recent months. Thank you Donna for the warm welcome.

RT @ProfKarolSikora: Not surprised at all to read a Gov report stating lockdown could cost 200,000 lives, mainly from delayed healthcare. For me, getting the country moving was all about getting healthcare functioning. It's why I've been so desperate to tackle the fear. It has deadly consequences.

RT @robshepherd70: RT @robshepherd70: #ITVEURef Vote leave won the night.The remain side reduced their argument to bashing Boris... It didn't work and vote le…