All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Lewes, Health Minister, Nurse and in my spare time I look after some sheep! Please contact me via email for constituency queries.

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RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: "The EU is great for jobs, great for our economy" Angela Eagle 09 June 2016

RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Right about now - 72yrs ago. They had no 'safe spaces' to run to. #LestWeForget #DDay

@TaiwoOwatemi @FloEshalomi @THTorguk @sajidjavid @APPG_HIV_AIDS @NAT_AIDS_Trust @SickleCellUK @SickleCellChair @Sicklekan_ Changes are in place now. No one should be being asked this question and guidance has been issued

RT @MiniMindfulMe: Basic message: Stop being cruel to people. You have absolutely NO idea what your cruel comments will do emotionally to that individual. Have a clear conscience. Know that you’re kind to others, know that you are bringing kindness into others lives ❤️ #BeKind #CarolineFlack

Well done @Arsenal . There’s only so much you can do when the ref and VAR are against you. Players did us proud

“We haven’t lost mother” #MaryPoppinsReturns

Today we launch the outline of our womens’ health strategy which has been formed by over 100,000 women who responded to our call@for evidence on their experience of health care…

RT @FoleyMcGrath: @Randallstweet Huge congratulations, @mariacaulfield (#Lewes), who joins the Dept. of Health & Social Care as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State. Well deserved, Maria! Alongside @olivercolvile, she is the hardest working MP I have ever worked with! She is innovative & also gets stuff done!!

@DJWood98 @BernieSpofforth Cancer treatments have continued throughout the pandemic and are still continuing now. I was working on a cancer ward at the weekend and everything was still having chemo, surgery and DXT . Anyone with cancer symptoms should still be asking for help now