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Member of Parliament for Boston & Skegness. Former Technology Editor, Daily Telegraph. Conservative.

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RT @darrengrimes_: The Remain campaign’s Alan Johnson warns pro-second referendum Tory @heidiallen75: “you’re going to lose a second referendum by a bigger margin than the first one... you’ll have a lot of Remainers who will be voting to Leave!” Alan is bang on.

RT @InspMorrice: RT @InspMorrice: Boston Community Alcohol Partnership picked to highlight its work, youth council on way to Westminster to represent us

RT @InspMorrice: Boston youth council representing Boston Community Alcohol Partnership at Westminster. Performing a play they wrote. Brilliant. V proud

RT @InspMorrice: RT @InspMorrice: Boston NPT undertaken 12 miles foot patrol today. 3 bottles of Lambrini (yes really) and 2 cans beer disposed of

RT @JohnnyMercerUK: RT @JohnnyMercerUK: Thanks for the kindness folks; genuinely ok! Anyway, who couldn’t be in this weather? #keeponswimming…

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RT @spectatorindex: Supported Syria strikes: - US - UK - France - Germany - Turkey - Saudi - Qatar - Canada - Japan - Spain - Australia - Israel - Denmark - Bahrain - Italy - Poland Opposed Syria strikes: - Syrian regime - Russia - Iran - China - Iraq - Venezuela - Algeria - Lebanon - Hamas

RT @spectatorindex: World Press Freedom Index, 2018 1. Norway 2. Sweden 3. Netherlands 15. Germany 18. Canada 28. S Africa 33. France 40. UK 43. S Korea 45. US 67. Japan 102. Brazil 119. Nigeria 124. Indonesia 138. India 147. Mexico 148. Russia 157. Turkey 169. Saudi 176. China 180. N Korea (RWB)

RT @JamesDMorris: RT @JamesDMorris: This is v good. A third of Leave voters didnt have immigration as a priority. Plenty are well off. Ht @JohnRentoul https:…

RT @SkegSixthForm: RT @SkegSixthForm: Open evening at @SkegnessAcad on Thursday 7th December 4.30pm until 6pm for Sixth Form courses starting in Sept 18 ◽ @Gr…