All deleted tweets from politicians

Fortis Et Liber.

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Bottom line folks - leadership races shouldn't be popularity contests where people look for a saviour instead of asking for their vision stance on big ticket items. When that happens you get people like Trudeau leading the country. Stir it up.

RT @naeimkarimi: @jsmyyz @karen_vecchio @MichelleRempel .@MichelleRempel & @JennyKwanBC speeches on #c6 must be used as test of poli…

RT @DouglasCarswell: I'll be periscoping the Queen's arrival in Parliament a little later

Happy to support the great work the @CalgaryHumane society does tonight. Thanks to @LaureenHarper and the team for organizing a purrrrfect outreach and education event! Also, this is Mystery and you should adopt him.

Not everyone gets @sonyasavage's homemade Yorkshire puddings. I do. 😇

@KennyVLimaC Liberals are particularly great in this regard. None of their caucus have the balls to publicly do things this. Be careful in sitting on that precarious high horse.

Enjoying my first Lohri (in -40C, so we have a cake and are working our way up to the outdoor fire lol) as a married woman with a family that long ago adopted me as one of their own, with their recently married son and daughter in law. #HappyLohri