All deleted tweets from politicians

Michael Fabricant

MP dude for #Lichfield. My views are my own. Mtn walker & food lover. Don't alway agree with my RTs. #Anglospherist & #Outter.

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RT @ninjamoose101: @gabyhinsliff @Mike_Fabricant They'll say the same if he does win...they've dug themselves a right hole with this one!

RT @ninjamoose101: @screwlabour I have several hundred copies of 'Gaytimes', 'Embroidery for beginners' and a book on Jusy tha…

RT @exsacerdotal: @SkipsterX @Mike_Fabricant @Battsby I think Skip Fish-Finger MP sets a certain tone that will be hard to follow

RT @Cllrp: Team from Tamworth and Cannock out in Sutton Coldfield to help @andy4wm ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

RT @Ips_cali: @Mike_Fabricant You don't have free coffee in hotels?

So with all the talk about #BorisJohnson, what could the #Whips - what should the Whips - do? What powers do they have and what is their role in #Parliament? This short video lifts the veil of #secrecy over the Whips Office in #Westminster. @mrmarkdolan

RT @GaylordFarquhar: @Mike_Fabricant I’m not sure I’d like to have a PM who looks like he’s just finished filming an Australian daytime…

RT @WillMarston_v3: @Mike_Fabricant @theresa_may @Conservatives what will be done about these constant death threats from the left?! https:…

Remember Munich 1972? When 11 unarmed Israeli athletes were killed in a massacre at the Olympics? If you don’t, read it hear.… And then read how #Corbyn branded the murderers who were eventually shot as “martyrs”.

RT @MegaSlippers: @DeedesMark @RSpeersBCFC @Mike_Fabricant @hmatthews92 👌 an incorrect pedant is the best kind.