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RT @johnjohnstonmi: Greg Hands has just RINSED Ian Blackford for his claim that he was just a simple crofter. "Perhaps that was his code-name on his Bloomberg terminal as he was buying and selling financial assets." Blackford fuming.

RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: Looks like Scotland's southern border has been found :))

RT @TerryMurden1: Following some fevered comments about a question during the #dailybriefing here are 16 projects the @ScotTories Tories say are delayed, unfinished or not yet started. I

RT @Gedk: RT @Gedk: A lie is halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on…

RT @SimonYates101: The notion that this reflects Scottish attitudes is absurd. Many 2014 ‘Yessers’ up north like myself have switched to ‘No’ due to the certain positive impact that Brexit will have on our local communities.

RT @AdamMorrisEdin: Force businesses to stay closed Accuse any critics of point-scoring Continually dash expectations Treat Scottish public like kids Sabotage children's education

RT @2010LeeHurst: RT @2010LeeHurst: The Twitter outrage over the Tories and the DUP together is surpassed only by the Twitter silence at Gordon Brown's attem…

RT @ScotTories: We've launched a campaign encouraging the SNP to improve plans for a return to the classroom. It’s simply not acceptable for some children to only be going back to school once or twice a week. We need to open our schools.…

RT @Jackson_Carlaw: It’s simply not acceptable for some children to only be going back to school once or twice a week. The SNP needs to get itself back to the drawing board and show a bit more ambition and imagination. Sign our petition to Open Our Schools👇

RT @darrengrimes_: If you're legitimately worried about climate change and the impact it will have on your children's future, please watch this interview with Extinction Rebellion by @afneil. He skillfully deconstructs their arguments as ignoring evidence, scaremongering and proposals as extreme.