All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for South West Norfolk. Foreign Secretary. Minister for Women and Equality.

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RT @BWoodward_UN: The United Nations has spoken clearly today. 141 countries voted in favour of this resolution against Russian aggression in #Ukraine. It is a clear message that we: - condemn President Putin’s war - support the Ukrainian people - uphold the principles of the Charter

Liz Truss (Conservative) tweeted :

Today we have deployed teams to 5 countries in Eastern Europe to support Brits leaving Ukraine. A crucial part of our 24/7 response to support our citizens overseas.

RT @FCDOGovUK: RT @FCDOGovUK: WATCH LIVE: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gives a speech on the situation in Ukraine…

RT @FCDOGovUK: RT @FCDOGovUK: WATCH LIVE: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gives a speech on the situation in Ukraine.…

Liz Truss (Conservative) tweeted :

Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment and we urge the Kremlin to step back from the brink. Any invasion would have severe consequences, including coordinated sanctions. But there is still time for diplomacy and for Russia to de-escalate.

Liz Truss (Conservative) tweeted :

@marossefcovic and I had further talks today in Brussels. Teams continue intensive discussions ◽

RT @horton_official: V excited to have @trussliz and @BimAfolami at our first @TeleRefresh event tomorrow - chaired by @christopherhope ! If you are coming, do be on time as the talk will start promptly!

Liz Truss (Conservative) tweeted :

Saddened to hear of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s death. He was a driving force behind ending apartheid in South Africa and a worthy winter of the Nobel Peace Prize. My thoughts are with the people of South Africa 🇿🇦.

RT @rosskempsell: Liz Truss to @talkRADIO: “I took the view it’s important to have someone who has always been a Brexiter to command public trust... that’s why I chose Boris Johnson, he shares many of my views on free enterprise, allowing the country to grow”

Liz Truss (Conservative) tweeted :

I spoke to @AnnLinde ahead of her chairing @OCSE meeting with Ukraine and Russia 🇬🇧 stands behind OCSE and Ukraine against Russia’s aggression ➡️ Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine border ➡️ Russia must uphold its international commitments ➡️ NATO stands with Ukraine👇