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RT @michaelcardo: RT @michaelcardo: Off the charts lunacy:

Annette Lovemore (DA) tweeted :

@MorningLiveSABC The Minister is dressed entirely inappropriately in the TV license ad. Seriously? Wearing a lacy, cleavage-revealing top? No man.

This has got to stop.

Annette Lovemore (DA) tweeted :

Why is this man not being called to account for what is tantamount to a call for civil war ? It certainly shows contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law. How can this go unanswered?…

Annette Lovemore (DA) replied to @mrlungisa :

@mrlungisa What does "justice" mean in your context ? Leniency ? No conviction ? Would you mind expanding for those of us who do not understand your thinking ?

Annette Lovemore (DA) tweeted :

I became a DA councillor in this Metro in 2000. I joined the party because it reflects my deeply-held values and principles. I look to my leadership to protect my party's principled core, at all costs. #TrollipForChair