All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliament. Shadow Minister of State Security. Constituency MP for Central Durban Constituency.

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RT @devon_hofmeyr: This vehicle was set alight at Dunoon. The same company whom donated thousands of food parcels to these people during the lock down!

RT @TheoShantonas: RT @TheoShantonas: Apologies if you have already seen a hedgehog walking through a herd of Llamas today ◽

RT @alb_luke: It just goes to show, whether you are partisan or not, that common sense prevails in the end (even on Twitter). #JohnSpeaksForMe

RT @Siviwe_G: Over 200 DA public representatives in a local government manifesto workshop today. #COVID19 has taken away so much but it has also provided great opportunities to innovate. 7 hours later, at no travel costs, workshop will be concluded with great inputs from colleagues 🤓

RT @NemonikSaid: RT @NemonikSaid: I am one of those South Africans John Steenhuisen is speaking for. ◽◽

RT @Dispatch_DD: "The government is willing to lose billions in revenue because of this arbitrary decision (to ban the sale of tobacco products)"…

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: This is one of the smartest moves I’ve seen @MmusiMaimane - well played.…

RT @JasonHalfon: BREAKING: Israel will now shut down all leisure activities (bars, cafes etc). Hospitals and supermarkets will remain open - reassurance has been given that there are ample medical, food etc supplies - no need for any panic buying.… #CoronaVirusUpdates

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: Did someone tell Cyril he only needs to wash his hands for 20 seconds? #cyrilramaphosa