All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliament. .Constituency MP for Durban South Constituency.

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RT @NeoMotloung_: RT @NeoMotloung_: #Watch: Purchase of a luxury vehicle for a new mayor has sparked outrage in MP #sabcnews https://…

RT @leeboo101: RT @leeboo101: Thank you Rre Zuma we have been downgraded to junk status #CabinetReshufle #downgrade

RT @Lerato_Pillay: Vusi Thembekwayo has never looted Governments money,he also doesn't have ANC connections like his number 1 critic Sizwe Bootleg. I'm confused why do EFF backup singers and some people feel he shouldn't have an oppinion? Vusi Contributes to the Society we need more people like him

RT @calebleumkay: RT @calebleumkay: Anyone else feel like Cyril Ramaphosa's address could have been an email? Sweet nothings were said tonight.

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Steenhuisen says Zuma has spent the last seven years worming out of court, though he says he wants his day in court #Zu…

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Steenhuisen says Min Nhleko's career lies in tatters right now after the firepool video production #zuma #budgetvote

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Steenhuisen: "We have a president who has done everything he can to undermine South Africa. He has undermined this Parl…

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Steenhuisen: Mr Zuma meant what he said when he told the nation that the ANC comes first #Zuma #Budgetvote

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Steenhuisen: says the president has not apologised or offered an explanation #Zuma #budgetvote