All deleted tweets from politicians

@Our_DA MP. Shadow Minister for Trade & Industry. Whip in Parliament. Advisory Board Member to @SAChamberUK. Constituency Head for North Durban, KZN

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RT @jsteenhuisen: RT @jsteenhuisen: Excited to launching my campaign for Federal Leader of the Democratic Alliance tomorrow! #VoteJohn

RT @MawandeMvumvu: RT @MawandeMvumvu: Athol Trollip already promising to fire municipal officials & employees irregularly hired by the previous ANC gov in NMB…

Looking forward to being at the campaign launch of @jsteenhuisen. Hope you can join us!

I could be wrong, but it seems the media is set to take sides and pick winners (in the most vile and disgusting way) in the DA leadership contest.

Give this a listen from @jsteenhuisen. Very compelling case on why we should not use race as a proxy for disadvantage and how their is an alternative that actually addresses disadvantage.

RT @Sowellnomics: Brian is not just Floyd's brother, they are business partners and the two work closely together at the EFFs Braam head office. Brian's online profiles show that he is in charge of the EFF strategy on University campuses. He's not an outsider, he's part of the team. #VBSBankHeist

RT @SiphNdlovu: 1913: Apartheid regime excludes blacks, indians & coloureds from owning land. 2018: Economic Freedom Fighters votes to exclude blacks, indians, coloureds, & whites from owning land. Welcome to Marxist-Leninist Franconian styled rule South Africans.…

RT @Sowellnomics: The ANC is obsessed with wealth redistribution, instead of wealth creation. The result is the formation of a costly large administrative working class and a tenderprenuer system. More money on workers and tenders, less money for development activities. Santa Claus economics.

RT @Sowellnomics: Venezuela abolished their property rights to implement an EFF state owned land system. Investment into agriculture declined and local food production stopped. They relied on exports to feed the country, but their currency tanked, which lead to food shortages and mass starvation.

RT @Sowellnomics: This Christmas before you laugh at children who believe in Santa Claus, just remember that there are adults who believe that Julius Malema is a fighter of corruption and a friend of the poor.