All deleted tweets from politicians

@Our_DA MP. Shadow Minister for Trade & Industry. Whip in Parliament. Advisory Board Member to @SAChamberUK. Constituency Head for North Durban, KZN

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RT @CameronMacKenz2: "DA is not a weathervane. We are a fixed signpost for people to follow. And one of the foundations that solidly moors this signpost is the idea that a non-racial society, where people are judged by the content of their character, is the only one worth fighting for." J.Steenhuisen

RT @CameronMacKenz2: I will be putting a X next to this man’s name today. When I was led in Parliament, when I was defended, when I was guided and mentored, when a kind word and smile made all the difference, this man was there to deliver that and more. @jsteenhuisen is the right person for this job!…

These firefighters and hero’s and national treasures. Incredible skill to contain such a big fire without loss.

RT @mynameisjerm: RT @mynameisjerm: Imagine being so obsessed with the old flag that you think the new flag is the old flag.

RT @Our_DA: 🚨| MUST WATCH Join us for a robust discussion in the build-up to #SONA2021 at a crucial juncture for SA, with insight on the event itself from various DA leaders and a screening of the speech. Live-stream it from 17h45 on the DA's social media platforms. Set your reminder.

Looking forward to being a contributor to the build-up to #SONA2021 tonight. Make sure you turn in from 17:45 on the Democratic Alliance’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. We will be bringing you analysis on the key issues facing South Africa. See you there!

Cyril Ramaphosa view on Jacob Zuma’s defiance of the Constitution is that β€œthe constitutional structure that he contributed so much to needs to be given *consideration*”. Consideration? Like when you consider what you should eat for dinner? Surely it’s something to be obeyed?

RT @nbhanga: My name is Nqaba Bhanga , The executive Mayor of @NMandelaBaymuni . This is my official Twitter account, I will be using it to update you on all developments that are taking place in our beautiful metro.