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Juanita Terblanche (DA) retweeted @EmDjyG :

RT @EmDjyG: @GlassPearl @Red_Pilled_1 @itchybyte @TeamNews24 Have you noticed that the percentage of families in poverty is the lowest in the WC?…

RT @ls_london1: We stand #united in #prayer for those effected by the explosion in #London Parsons Green London Underground ....#PrayForLondon

RT @Andiswamandayi_: If anyone has any information about her whereabouts, please contact: Siyabonga Ngcobo - 071 844 4732 Sbusiso Ngcobo - 067 734 8824 Sabelo Ngcobo - 063 221 7930 We'd appreciate any and every form of assistance🙏🏽🤍

RT @Adriaan_VanderM: RT @Adriaan_VanderM: eNCA again? Why is siya dragged into this, is it because He is black?

RT @SirLetshela: RT @SirLetshela: Many South Africans have no idea how close they are to losing their country...

RT @JoshDickinsonSA: So many criminal acts and lockdown violations taking place in KZN with very little police action, but Cyril will extend level 4 this weekend and continue punishing law-abiding citizens who just want to go to their gym and exercise with safe social distancing.

RT @K9_Reaper: RT @K9_Reaper: @DELTA54ROMEO This will be passed on. ◽

RT @K9_Reaper: This old couple farms milk and eggs as part of their retirement. Their piece of land is huge. We walked the forest earlier and these fuckers even left behind cutting implements and hid other stuff in trees. They're planning on coming back. Keep your eyes open. Always.