All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @SamanthavanTond: RT @SamanthavanTond: @Makashule would make no difference people tited of elite anc and ministers and their corruption

RT @ProfTinyiko: Excellent economic and financial interventions by government announced by #PresidentCyrilRamaphosa 👍🏾👍🏾. I hope corruption will not intercept and nullify these excellent interventions.

RT @JasonHalfon: What a difference a DAy makes, and the difference is you! Just some of the amazing people I’ve gotten to know over the @DAYoungLeaders journey. A stellar bunch of individuals who inspire confidence that we will truly have #OneSAForAll with @Our_DA come 2019 Onwards and upwards!

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: @DeanMacpherson @Makashule Not sure if this is a good analogy◽ A 5/6 chance of being wrong for any significant decision i…

RT @JasonHalfon: @TheMatCuthbert @Makashule Wouldn't be able to weight in on such a specific - not too well versed on the nuances of the entire market in SA. I would however assume that BAT have a large majority of the market, and last I saw, their shelf presence remains king. The poison picked is up to the consumer😅

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: @Makashule @ComradesRace The guy in front of you is ready to collapse and you’re behind him ready to go for another run ◽

RT @semakalengm: RT @semakalengm: This man is a problem. That rot they talk about…

RT @semakalengm: RT @semakalengm: SABC is everything. Hlaudi is everything…