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Michael Waters

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Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @BenHouchen :

RT @BenHouchen: Happy Friday! Lots of good news this week - company expansions, new contracts won, and even more jobs on the way! https://t…

RT @Natasha9Mazzone: For the sake of the Nation...can the left hand please tell the right hand what is happening???…

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @helenzille :

RT @helenzille: In 2010 I warned that ANC front company, Chancellor House, "channels 100s of millions (possibly billions) to the ANC throug…

Michael Waters (DA) replied to @ianzo100 :

@ianzo100 It failed as it was specifically created to all a very small minority to enrich themselves at the expense of millions and millions of people

Michael Waters (DA) replied to @mlegoabe :

@mlegoabe Not at all. Im not against anyone becoming a millionaire or a billionaire - I’m a capitalist - my problem is the BEE has fIked dismally when millions and millions of South Africans love in abject poverty and that we are the most unequal country in the world.

@TheRealClementM Yes like BEE, Apartheid benighted the few leaving millions and millions behind. What we need is real empowerment not only through quality public education but also though a growing economy offering millions opportunities, not just a few.

Michael Waters (DA) tweeted :

So EFF thugs at it again - assaulting people. I hope charges are laid. They are such hypocrites pretending to be socialist yet their hard hats from last night are from WMC!

RT @GvanOnselen: Thank god for all this investment. I reckon 6 months and we will have that 450bn Eskom debt covered.

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @NMag_CT :

RT @NMag_CT: When you behave like this after being called a VBS looter, you admit that it's the truth!

Michael Waters (DA) tweeted :

'Cracking' pillar at OR Tambo Airport bridge is safe | Kempton Express…