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RT @Zara_Naidoo: Goosebumps!😍 I literally cried while watching this, couldn't contain myself. I'm so moved by this #DAtvAd & I know I'm not the only one. Our country is so divided right now & if our future looks this bright, then I'm totally in @Our_DA! I absolutely love this! #OneSAforAll 💙🇿🇦

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @BMaswana :

RT @BMaswana: RT @BMaswana: #StateCapture....If it was Boxing Match on ths debate 2nyt a towel would hv been thrown in for anc signalling a "knock out" b…

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @NMag_CT :

RT @NMag_CT: The Reserve Bank governor of Zimbabwe just hiked interest rates to 70%. Let this be a warning as to what happens when a government throws prudent monetary policy out the window.

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @NMag_CT :

RT @NMag_CT: I would rather have a job and be "exploited", than be dependent on the state. There is dignity in having a job and being able to support yourself and your family without receiving money from government.…

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @NMag_CT :

RT @NMag_CT: Our extreme poverty is completely self inflicted. No country has to be poor. What can we do: Stop EWC immediately! Curb the power of unions. Corrupt politicians must go to jail. Stop all racial hatred. Become investor friendly. Scrap BEE. Lower taxes.

Michael Waters (DA) retweeted @seankent :

RT @seankent: RT @seankent: A French biker saving a kitten was the video I needed today.

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RT @WoganMay: "It is important to unite and see ourselves as victims of apartheid, because whether you are Indian, whether you are coloured ... whiteness doesn’t like you. It oppressed you before, it will forever oppress you. " How is this not racially polarizing?…

RT @AimFranklin: RT @AimFranklin: The #DAadvert that the ANC don't want you to see: "Let there be work, let there be bread for all…

RT @AimFranklin: RT @AimFranklin: DA-led Cape Town paves the way on empowering residents through land ownership #ElectionDebate @PatriciaDeLille https://t.c…