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Member of Parliament in SA Parliament.

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Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: RT @pierredevos: Ace’s son evicted from Gupta house

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: RT @pierredevos: And VIP security to the tune of R1.7 billion a year?…

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @DarrenPlymouth :

RT @DarrenPlymouth: "if you start saying we mustn't offend them, then humour's gone. Then as far as I am concerned you're living in 1984" John Cleese. Victims victims everywhere. Now is the time to put an end to woke cancel culture craziness, a mind virus that has infected society.

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @spectatorindex :

RT @spectatorindex: Unemployment. South Africa: 27% Greece: 19.5% Nigeria: 18.8% Spain: 15.3% Brazil: 12.4% Iran: 12.1% Turkey: 9.6% France: 9.2% Australia: 5.4% Indonesia: 5.1% Russia: 4.7% UK: 4.2% US: 3.9% China: 3.8% Mexico: 3.4% Germany: 3.4% UAE: 1.7% Longer list:

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @SAReserveBank :

RT @SAReserveBank: RT @SAReserveBank: Governor @KganyagoLesetja meeting with Minister @tito_mboweni to discuss moving the economy forward

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @DavidMaynier :

RT @DavidMaynier: RT @DavidMaynier: One step forwards, one step backwards, on again, off again style decision-making is killing the economy in SA!

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @hugopien :

RT @hugopien: So Gwede Mantashe thinks SA gov should sell SAA (not official policy, but a good idea), but in same week says we need another (probably state-owned) electricity generation company. Two failing SOEs, two polar opposite solutions Anybody else confused?

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @Sowellnomics :

RT @Sowellnomics: Venezuela abolished their property rights to implement an EFF state owned land system. Investment into agriculture declined and local food production stopped. They relied on exports to feed the country, but their currency tanked, which lead to food shortages and mass starvation.

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @Sowellnomics :

RT @Sowellnomics: Marxist vs Free Thinker Marxist: I am a victim Free Thinker: I can accomplish anything Marxist: Diversity of race Free Thinker: Diversity of thought Marxist: Equality of outcome Free Thinker: Equality of opportunity Marxist: Racial politics Free Thinker: Individualism

Alf Lees (DA) retweeted @DavidMaynier :

RT @DavidMaynier: RT @DavidMaynier: Oil Hits $70 as Iran Exits Nuclear Deal, Tensions Intensify…