All deleted tweets from politicians

Peace advocate. MP on portfolios of sports and international relations. Empath life coach and consultant. Treasurer of ALN. #aviation #security #politics #fun

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RT @PruWolfie: The EFF are the most undignified,undisciplined and violent rabble ever 2grace the SA political scene.They are totally devoid of dignity.The fact that they are allowed to say &do what they want by the ANC,is a disgrace which is not going unnoticed by level headed SA&countries

RT @MKay_One: @LebogangMaile1 @HermanMashaba @MYANC @Geoff_Makhubo @Jolidee_matongo Wow..this is so unfortunate cus Mashaba is exactly what Joburg residents need... but then I guess comrades are eager & hungry.. they want to eat... at all cost..

RT @lizetheunicorn: RT @lizetheunicorn: My friend Meghan is missing. Please RT.

RT @gavdavis: RT @gavdavis: Great interview. Tough questions handled with aplomb.…

RT @gavdavis: I can't imagine that @dailymaverick would have removed the citations, but perhaps @brankobrkic could confirm? But even with citations, you can't just copy and paste somebody else's work. The issues raised by @GvanOnselen are very serious. Plagiarism is theft.…

RT @GenevaSummit: “They tried to ignore us, silence us, and deny their actions. That’s when I started recording everything.” @waadalkateab tells #GenevaSummit2021 about her journey from student in #Aleppo to journalist documenting #Assad’s crimes. See her testimony live:

RT @Shamrita_Singh: EFF filth today as always, wrecked my day. My heart is beyond heavy & sad concerning the racial hatred, discord and evil that the EFF sows. I detest it. I cannot quite articulate how I feel. 💔

RT @Sibusiso_Gebs: ANC supporters including their #MrKnowFokkol @MbalulaFikile are hypocrites of note! Here they are coming out of the woodwork blaming @HermanMashaba for #AlexTotalShutdown whereas the @Our_DA has only been in charge of JHB for less than 3 yrs. ANC was there LOOTING for 22 years!!