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Advocate 4 PEACE and COEXISTENCE. MP with @Our_DA. Empath & coach and consumer consultant. Treasurer @AfricanLiberals. #aviation #sports #politics #consumerism

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RT @Sowellnomics: It's also no coincidence that the same two parties who destroyed VBS Bank want the Reserve Bank nationalized. If the Reserve Bank was nationalized the VBS report would've never seen the light of day. The SARB would've also bailed out VBS so the looting could continue. Unreal

RT @Sowellnomics: Whenever I speak about Judeo-Christian values, people always respond with "separation of Church & State". When have I ever called for the Church to run the State? All I want is for our leaders to embrace basic moral principles like no stealing, no murder & look after the poor.

RT @Sowellnomics: South Africa is a country that suffers from power outages, water shortages and a failed healthcare system, but trendy lefties want us to boycott Israel who is the world's leader in energy, water and medical innovation so that they can virtue signal and boost their egos. Unreal

RT @Sowellnomics: The only positive about the rolling blackouts in South Africa is that the ANC cannot blame the Colonialists or sanctions by the United States like Venezuela and Cuba. The socialist state ownership ideology is being exposed for the failure that it is.

RT @Sowellnomics: The University of Cape Town has decided to boycott Israel, the only democracy in a region filled with brutal dictators who oppress women, LGBTQ, journalists, atheists and religious minorities. Singling out Israel for punishment is a double standard that wreaks of antisemitism.

RT @Sowellnomics: The social justice warrior mob is trolling @helenzille - the same white female who rejected the apartheid regime back when it was unfashionable to publicly do so, yet the same mob worships Marxist politicians who loot the treasury of funds meant to uplift the poor. Unreal

RT @Sowellnomics: Went into work today to catch up on admin and noticed one of our grads hard at work. It's one of the reasons the kid is closing more deals than some our senior consultants. You can teach people skills but you can't teach them desire. That's something they are born with.

RT @Sowellnomics: In America, Europe and Asia people admire their business leaders and despise their politicians. In Africa we hate our business leaders and worship our politicians. We hate the wealth creators and love the parasites who squander our wealth. We are accomplices, not victims.

RT @Sowellnomics: The NHI is effectively the creation of a healthcare state owned entity which will be controlled by the ANC. The ANCs track record of managing SOEs like Eskom, SAA, SABC, Prasa, Denel, PetroSA and Postnet should make you very worried. Everything they touch gets destroyed.

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RT @lynns95: RT @lynns95: #StabiliseRevitaliseDeliver @CityTshwane The new administration under the leadership of @SollyMsimanga provides a #ProPoor, #…