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Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @jay_mfc :

RT @jay_mfc: What an absolutely outstanding first three paragraphs.

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @KristoffDJ :

RT @KristoffDJ: 200 learners stranded in Kuyga without transport after Edu. Dept. ordered that they attend closer schools which are full #S…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @KristoffDJ :

RT @KristoffDJ: When a public meeting becomes a thousand man march in KwaDwesi you KNOW the people are ready to #VoteForChange ✊🏽✊🏽 https:/…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @KristoffDJ :

RT @KristoffDJ: While ANC wasted R20bn in last fin year in Tshwane, NMB, JHB & Ekurhuleni, access to sanitation & water in CT rose to 96%++…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @KagisoZ :

RT @KagisoZ: Ludwick Mamabolo was spitting truth, then the SABC remembered that they don't cover protests! 😂😂#Comrades2016

RT @quickbrownfaux: MP asks @SAHRCommission delegation what they think about Basic Edication Minister saying "If the learners want to burn…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @penguinrandom :

RT @penguinrandom: This week's must-reads from @nytimesbooks

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @LesWaldeck :

RT @LesWaldeck: @justicemalala Amazing how opposition always speak about the people of SA and ANC only speak of the ANC

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @NMag_CT :

RT @NMag_CT: We can now start seeing the effects of Expropriation Without Compensation. Worst Sector: Agriculture -13.2% vs Strongest Sect…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @SASueBlaine :

RT @SASueBlaine: New to this #history debate, & by no means an expert, but who decides "positive" and "negative"? When people start decidin…