All deleted tweets from politicians

Shy & Retiring😜 @MIT Student.Former South African Member of Parliament, Liberal Democrat & former Shadow Transport Minister. Transportation enthusiast 🏳️‍🌈

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Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @LaurieAClaase :

RT @LaurieAClaase: #Elections2019 Malusi Gigaba, Bathabile Dlamini & Nomvula Mokonyane make the #ANCList Gigaba & Dlamini lied in court. Mokonyane bankrupted the Department of Water Affairs & was implicated in #StateCaptureInquiry But hey, go ahead & vote for @CyrilRamaphosa's New Dawn

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @Mangy__ :

RT @Mangy__: RT @Mangy__: Lol haha @sondaham "We neva said we'll #FillUpFNBStadium neva, we said there will b people". #ANCGPManifestoLaunch https://t.c…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @srepetsk :

RT @srepetsk: RT @srepetsk: Colors! Fixing a transit system near you!…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @stephenossola :

RT @stephenossola: RT @stephenossola: gays on their way to get iced coffee

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: What's fascinating about this story is that @MYANC paid "former spooks" R25m to help with the Gauteng election campaign. To do what?…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: RT @gavdavis: What!? Why should anybody be given the power to decide what other people create and consume?…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: Thandeka Mbabama quotes Kgalema Mothanthe's high level panel report which found that ANC inefficiency and corruption is biggest stumbling block to land reform. #LandExpropriation

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: Here is what ANC MP Ms P C Ngwenya-Mabila said in opposition to the EFF's motion in expropriation without compensation last year. On point. #LandDebate

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: Here is what Jeremy Cronin MP said in his excellent speech rejecting expropriation without compensation last year. Wonder what changed in the last 11 months?

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @gavdavis :

RT @gavdavis: No paradox. Colonialism was replaced, by and large, with a parasitic elite who continued to extract wealth for themselves. That is the tragic story of much of Africa in the last few hundred years. #AfricaDay…