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Ian Ollis

South African Member of Parliament, DA Whip, innovative leader, Liberal Democrat and Shadow Labour Minister. Daily Maverick Opinionista

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Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @switch123mas :

RT @switch123mas: Photos the anc won't show you #KathradaMemorial

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :
Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

What great movies would you like to have seen reriesed? One of mine is the Sci-Fi classic “The 5th Element”.

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

When @MIT and @Harvard don’t co-ordinate the spring break calandra but you take lectures at both...

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

American free-to-air television seems exxeccivrly parochial. Major international events happening around the world and prime time news: Someone found their lost dog fluffy, granny in Massachusetts caught on camera stealing Christmas decorations, tree fell somewhere...

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @mariusgr :

RT @mariusgr: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford

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Thieves in the night @Columbia main campus library

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

@emirates we’re recently asking for a more fuel efficient A380. Now suddenly cancelled orders. Interesting

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @haboguy :

RT @haboguy: @ianollis @TheGautrain The waiting area at the train is anything but world class. In Denmark the seating area even has free wi…