All deleted tweets from politicians

@MIT Student. Former South African Member of Parliament, Liberal Democrat & Transportation enthusiast 🏳️‍🌈 Probably up to shenanigans someplace

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Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

When anyone in the Asian restaurant is Asian and everyone looks up when you speak to the server/waitress... 🙈😎

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @ANN7tv :

RT @ANN7tv: JUST IN: #MogaleCity Democratic Alliance's Lynn Pannall is the new mayor

Ian Ollis (DA) replied to @JimAloisi :

@JimAloisi 😂🤣🤣🤣

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

How do you connect with someone you barely know, without looking like a stalker? Asking-for-a-friend!

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :

When your 22 year old German flat mate goes to Bordeaux with his girlfriend to lie on the beach and sip local French wine and you get to stay in Rez and work an internship for the summer...

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RT @waynesussman: Renosterberg (Philipstown) Pixley Ka Seme, Northern Cape-This is the home region of ANC NC Provincial Leader Zamani Saul-…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @switch123mas :

RT @switch123mas: Photos the anc won't show you #KathradaMemorial

Ian Ollis (DA) tweeted :