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@Our_DA Interim Federal Leader. Proud "street fighter" for democracy. Passionate about RSA and its future.

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RT @GvrRud1: RT @GvrRud1: Steenhuisen challenges Ramaphosa to fight for LGBT+ rights in Africa as AU chair… #lgbt

RT @JasonHalfon: RT @JasonHalfon: If you live in the Atlantic Seaboard - Get Out And Vote!

RT @sthembete: So it appears @SundayTimesZA got it wrong. The “world powers” memo was for a discussion with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s investment envoys in June 2018! Apparently it was never sent directly to the president and wasn’t official diplomatic communication.…

RT @Our_DA: 🇿🇦| The Western Cape has finalised the appointment of SA's first-ever Children's Commissioner. "The Children's Commissioner is tasked with monitoring, researching, investigating, lobbying and reporting on children and their best interests." - @alanwinde…

John Steenhuisen MP (DA) tweeted :

Difference is my party takes me seriously, yours treats you like a joke.

John Steenhuisen MP (DA) tweeted :

Difference is my party takes me seriously, you’re treats like you like a joke.

RT @_tume1o: RT @_tume1o: Steenhuisen is such a prick yerr.

@francvdm @Bruceps What a silly comment.

RT @News24: BREAKING | Ramaphosa deploys almost entire SANDF of over 73 000 until end of June to prevent spread of Covid-19 #Day26ofLockdown

RT @jsteenhuisen: With a number of families left in distress due to the lockdown. We call on gov to release an additional R1 billion in the form of direct cash payments to the needy or in the form of vouchers. This would be in addition to our call for a R 1000 top-up for grant recipients.