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I'm passionately involve in Sport for the Disabled, specifically Paralympic Sport. DA Member of Parliament & MP for Breede Valley Constituency

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Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @Sowellnomics :

RT @Sowellnomics: South Africa is 1.5 trillion rand in debt and has an average trade deficit of 170 billion rand. Unemployment is 26.7% and economic growth is forecasted at a measly 1.3%. Foreign direct investment is -31% of GDP. We are in a crisis ladies and gentlemen.

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @Sowellnomics :

RT @Sowellnomics: The video clips of Malema promising to cut the throat of whiteness and shoot the Boer/farmer has been beamed all over the world. You think foreigners wouldn't notice? He's done irreversible damage to South Africa's international credibility that he should be charged for treason.

RT @FreemanNgcobo: Shocking! @helenzille has committed the worst corruption ever seen. You telling me she used her influence to assist a man giving free Maths & Science tuition to kids in townships & got them tablets?WTH!? Jesus! I pray for more corruption like this & a better Public Protector!

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: It's official. The UDM and ANC have started the capture of tenders in Nelson Mandela Bay. Was this all part of the plan @BantuHolomisa?…

Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :
Kobus Marais (DA) retweeted @XondoZ12 :

RT @XondoZ12: The Sowetan has printed an apology to @HermanMashaba, highlighting that there was no evidence to support the claim in the headline. Please RETWEET this. Too often, corrected info doesn't go as far as the incorrect info.

RT @RusselBrueton: RT @RusselBrueton: But department responded to DA PAIA request saying no such contract is in existence?…

RT @RusselBrueton: RT @RusselBrueton: Just in: @JAMESSELFE3 has confirmed that charges against Zuma are automatically reinstated after court ruling. Prosecute…

RT @RusselBrueton: There is less than 4 weeks away. Today is too late. Next week is too late. I'm heartbroken about this. 17 million people...…

RT @RusselBrueton: RT @RusselBrueton: It's now more than 12 hours later and the @EFFSouthAfrica and @Julius_S_Malema have said nothing on the racist behavior…