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Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @liam_beckett :

RT @liam_beckett: Dreadful scenes at Westminster in London, what type of a coward drives a car along a footpath mowing down, killing & maim…

RT @KawczynskiMP: Thanks to @paulasherriff & @GRobinsonDUP fellow officers of Commons APPG Poland for successful AGM

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @nytimes :

RT @nytimes: The tough choices Trump promised would eliminate longstanding staples of American life. On the budget proposal:…

RT @EastBelfastWW1: The East Belfast & The Great War 'Community Exhibition' is now on display at Cregagh Library for the next month! https:…

RT @EastBelfastWW1: East Belfast & The Great War's 'Community Exhibition' is now on display at Cregagh Library for the next month.... https…

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @julianoneill :

RT @julianoneill: Look at the take-off in NI hotel rooms sold post EU ref due to £. Via @Economy_NI

Sammy Wilson MP (dup) tweeted :

@MarkCarruthers7 you are incorrect. DUP transfers went 3939 to the other DUP candidate, 494 to UUP and 77 to Greens.

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @AlexKane221b :

RT @AlexKane221b: I never know what I'll find when I start rummaging. Just never what I'm looking for : )

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @PhotoJude :

RT @PhotoJude: WEST TYRONE - DUP's Tom Buchanan takes a call after being elected in the first count #AE17

Ian Paisley (dup) retweeted @nwbrux :

RT @nwbrux: #AE17 North Antrim will be 2 DUP, 1 SF, 1 TUV; I think UUP better placed than DUP for last seat, so DUP likely loss. https://t.…