All deleted tweets from politicians

MEP from Estonia. Again Vice Chair of Conservative People's Party of Estonia.

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@kairesepper Ekreiiti? Neil olid sildid rinnas, et kuuluvad erakonda või lahmid nagu Mart Kross oma valesüüdistusega kive loopivatest “ekreiitidest”? P.S Kirjelduse järgi olid nad muidugi tropid.

RT @saar_simmo: Kodanikud, kes ei varasta telefone ning suudavad ilma partei tuti-plutita tööturul panustada on majanduslikult-ühiskondlikult-rahvuslikult suurema väärtusega kui kuratteabkust välja hautud poliitbroiler.

RT @KerttuKirjanen: RT @KerttuKirjanen: Laste◽◽sünnitamine◽◽ei◽◽anna◽◽naisele◽◽lisaväärtust◽◽sest◽◽iga◽◽naine◽◽on◽◽väärtuslik - lastega või lasteta.

RT @MarkDice: So far 20 people have been killed in the 2020 Riots. Their lives don’t matter to the media or the “protesters” though. They killed TWENTY people. 20

RT @SocialM85897394: Traumatised Scottish MEPs break down in tears as they leave the EU Parliament for the last time and kiss goodbye to £200k. The gravy train is over.

RT @V6_Veloce: It's my mother's funeral in 12 days time. We can't have the church service she wanted and only 10 mourners are allowed. Would anyone mind explaining why?

RT @MerrittCorrigan: For too long, I’ve remained silent as the media has attacked me for my Christian beliefs, which are shared by the majority of Americans Let me clear: Gay marriage isn’t marriage Men aren’t women US-funded Tunisian LGBT soap operas aren’t America First