All deleted tweets from politicians

Vezuchiy Fanashnikov

Unrepentant Member of the EFF | african seed | mozolo | asante | везучий | honesto e humilde | tell no lies, claim no easy victories - Amilcar Cabral | Hoorah

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RT @GwenNgwenya: I don’t get why the EFF can’t drive fancy cars and dress well while still claiming to be pro poor & anti-capitalist. I don…

Red is the color of the revolution. It is the color change. Red is the color of the alternative. Red is the color of the blood that runs through you. It is the color of the fire that burns within you. Red burns corruption, poverty Inequality. Red is the color of EFF #VoteEFF2019

RT @collensedibe: Thembinkosi Rawula was deployed in Mpumalanga alongside with DP commissar F.Shivambu,R Mashabela and V Mente from last ye…

RT @Nteng1: @fanamokoena This changes nothing! #Asijiki

I’m just interested in how old Samkele Maseko is for Jesse Duarte to accuse him of not being involved in the struggle for free speech as if the Samkele has a time machine to step in and out of her generational struggles. This thing is REALLY personal it seems

Banna!!! Jesse Duarte got personal with journalist Samkele Maseko. ‘You’re just a journalist’ she says. Banna!!! 😳😳😳😂😂 Gogo Duarte was on another level of personal. Tjo! But where’s Sanef to defend Samkele? Or is he the wrong color?

Economic emancipation Afrika jikelele. #VoteEFF2019

How the Apartheid regime’s SAIMR masterminded coups in Africa and intentionally tried to decimate the black population by injecting them with the HI Virus…