All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @HarryDCrane: The real risk of #coronavirus isn't what's happening today. It's what could happen 1-2-3 months from now. Risk isn't about what you can see. It's about what you can't.

RT @HarryDCrane: @ShekatkarSnehal Clear statistical thinking doesn't guarantee good science, but unclear statistical thinking greatly accelerates and bolsters bad science. That's what's happening here.

RT @iKorneychuk: Еще одно доказательство того факта, что мода циклична. Данным фото около 100 лет. И, да, это электросамокаты (тогда их называли автопеды).

RT @StuartHumphryes: Today I have enhanced this gorgeous autochrome from Finland, worthy of hanging on anybody's wall. It was taken 115 years ago by the Russian playwright Leonid Andreyev, and shows the sunset banks of Vammasluu in 1907. It is an original colour photo (not colourised). 😍

RT @StuartHumphryes: I have enhanced these 3 views for you, of Ireland's past: taken 108 years ago, in May 1913, by Marguerite Mespoulet & Madeleine Mignon. They show fishermen in Spiddal on Galway Bay; a shawl maker in Galway and the town's cattle market. All original colour.

RT @ggraaf: Marcel Vivet, a young Catalan activist, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for demonstrating against fascism and for Catalonia's independence. While fascism operates with complete impunity, repression in Catalonia reaches intolerable proportions.

RT @kamaljafi: Tokion kisoissa kaksi urheilijaa on kieltäytynyt ottelemaan israelilaisia vastaan, koska haluavat osoittaa tukensa palestiinalaisille. Hyvä on, miksi ette kieltäydy esimerkiksi ottelemasta kiinalaisia tai turkkilaisia vastaan tukeakseen tiibetiläisiä ja kurdeja? #olympialaiset

RT @kaupokaruse: Teeb kohe südame soojaks, kui loen, et antivaxxerid kavatsevad täiega boikoteerida kohti ja üritusi, kus vaktsiinipassi küsitakse. Süsteem töötab!