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Ilja (estonia) retweeted @martparve :

RT @martparve: Postimees on valinud lõplikult tagurlikkuse ja ohvrite represseerimise poole. Tee ka sina oma valik. Oma klikkide, oma rahakotiga; olgu lugeja või reklaamiandjana. Ja täitsa OK, kui see valik on tagurlikkus ja ohvrite kiusamine. Vaba maa ju.

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @_youhadonejob1 :
Ilja (estonia) retweeted @Econ_Marshall :

RT @Econ_Marshall: What's actually protectionism is US antitrust policy, which is that the business models adopted by the major American tech platforms ought to be legal in every other country because they're legal here, thanks to Chicago antitrust.

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @daveanthony :

RT @daveanthony: This is what the LAPD did taking plastic cuffs off a woman’s hands. This is not an isolated incident.

Ilja (estonia) tweeted :

Mina, naiivik: a ära ole munn. Twitter arjegard: aaa, gulag, kristalliöö, sellised panevad meid kõiki loomavagunisse Jälle mina: aga äkki ei peaks inimesi tänaval nuutidega peksma Arjegard: a kus sa tead, et see üldse nii on?

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @lilyslynch :

RT @lilyslynch: RT @lilyslynch: The LAPD shot a homeless man in a wheelchair in the face.

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @greg_doucette :

RT @greg_doucette: The Wire is one of those shows that you think is a drama... ...but then you discover is a documentary (Its accuracy prompted the 4th Rule of @fsckemall: "The Wire was a documentary.")…

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @LandonSchnabel :

RT @LandonSchnabel: Both IRB and Economics are officially broken. This study, forthcoming in one of the top econ journals, forced poor people to go through a conservative religious training program. Did no one at Yale IRB care about the vulnerable population because it was outside the US?…

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @timmaughan :

RT @timmaughan: holy shit I mean I'm glad everyone is thinking about privacy and data etc but really it took some 80s throwback BUT THE RUSSIANS! moral panic to get you started, have you really got no idea what happens with your data in the good old US of A?

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @timmaughan :

RT @timmaughan: RT @timmaughan: @BigGlitch1 microdosing is gentrification