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Afzal Khan MP (EU) retweeted @thom_brooks :

RT @thom_brooks: Journalists talking only about how #MAC report supports non-EU students in net migration target. Not full story. #MAC now explicitly raising doubts about having a net migration target and including students in it. Saying yes to stats, but no to target. Important difference!

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

#COVID19 is having a disproportionate impact on BAME communities and our mental health. Using questions from my constituents, I hosted Q&A with @DrRosena, Labour's Shadow Mental Health Minister, to discuss how we tackle this issue head on. FULL VIDEO 👉

Afzal Khan MP (EU) replied to @Afzal4Gorton :

I've had a response from Victoria Newton & am pleased that @TheSun have changed their original headline to make it clearer. But, let's be clear this should never have been published in the first place. I've requested that a printed correction be published in tomorrow's Sun.

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

I can't wait to chat with constituents from across Manchester Gorton tomorrow, to discuss how we build a greener future! It's not too late to sign up & join in. Register here -

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

Super pleased over the new Fallowfield Loop Bridge which has been installed over Hyde Road! Cyclists & pedestrians will soon have an off-road cycle & pedestrian path, which connects the city centre & Gorton. 🚲 🚶🏽‍♀️

Afzal Khan MP (EU) retweeted @mylifemysay :

RT @mylifemysay: We've teamed up with Sir @Keir_Starmer to host our next Quarantine Question Time about how young people reimagine society post #COVID19. This event will be held in partnership with @UKYouth & @iWill_Campaign. Get your tickets ▶️

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

Together with @EqualityActRev, today we have launched our report “Predicting Futures: Examining Student Concerns Amidst Coronavirus Exam Cancellations.” It reveals student concern & classroom bias. @ofqual Read here 👇🏽… #PredictingFutures

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

We keep having to ask who actually in charge because it is consitently unclear if @BorisJohnson knows what his Government is doing...

Afzal Khan MP (EU) tweeted :

Levenshulme Station to receive revamp later this year. Myself, Friends of @LevyStation and local councillors @Dzidra78 @bernardstone & @basat_m have been campaigning for station improvements for years - pleased that our hard work is starting to pay off!…