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Conservative MEP, ECR For. Aff. Coord., rtd NHS Dr&psychiatrist. Leading for Londoners' voices in EP. Retweet doesnt imply automatic endorsement. Remainer #C4PV

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RT @ThatTimWalker: Let us please reflect upon the words of Dominic Grieve: 'Boris Johnson is manifestly unsuitable for high office and he'd…

RT @matrobinson: In London today campaigning for excellent Tory MEP veteran @CharlesTannock. As @NIConservative Vice President I can say wi…

RT @JSaryuszWolski: Namawiam Polaków - Londyńczyków do głosowania na dra @CharlesTannock , konserwatystę, kandydata do Parl Eur, od lat prz…

Dr Charles Tannock (EU) replied to @Flomoll :

@Flomoll @jonsnowC4 @Nigel_Farage @Channel4News Any gift with any political connection worth over €150 must be declared by MEPs in the members interests of the EP & any gift over £1500 as a 'regulated donee' which all MEPs are must under UK law be declared to Electoral Commission. All such declarations can be inspected online

RT @EmChapman6: One Million Students from colleges to universities, apprentices to adult learners call for a #PeoplesVote on the Brexit Dea…

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RT @Brexit: Top bankers in London are again ringing alarm bells over the threat Brexit poses to economic growth

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Acho que serei o unico candidato lusófono em Londres se formos às urnas no 23 Maio pelas Eleições Europeias!

@gavinajmorrison ENG. I believe I'm the only Portuguese speaking candidate in London for the UK European Elections if they take place on May 23. There is a large London lusophone community in many cases 3rd generation in the UK & I've always felt very close to our oldest ally & its UK diaspora.

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The UK franchise is bizarre and inexplicable.

RT @NinaDSchick: Yes. What a sad indictment that both parties refuse to put the national interest above party politics. @jeremycorbyn is a…