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RT @WestmonsterUK: German MEP @HansOlafHenkel writes for Westmonster: ‘Angela Merkel was not elected by Italians, Italy would be better off outside of the Euro.’ “A sick Italy in the monetary union is nowhere near as good as a healthy Italy with its own currency.”…

RT @HandelsblattGE: The Bundesbank's claims on other euro-zone central banks fell sharply last month to €913.2 billion. Investors had been moving cash to Germany from less stable markets such as Italy in recent months, sparking fears over volatility. #Target2 #eurozone #bundesbank #Germany #euro

RT @StandUp4Brexit: “The EU should at last admit that they’re responsible for Brexit also. Britain was always in favour of competitiveness, of safe responsibility and it was the EU which started to change the game towards more centralisation, towards socialisation” @HansOlafHenkel #StandUp4Brexit

Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP (EU) tweeted :

The #UKGovernment should now recognize that the deal is not making it. A new #referendum should give #brits three options: 1. deal of PM #May 2. #nodealBrexit and 3. remain in the #EU

8 mln tonnes of plastic is being dumped into the seas and oceans per year while it takes hundreds of years for the plastic to decompose. We should strive towards a #sustainable blue economy as healthy and well managed oceans contribute to delivering all 17 SDGs #OceanEU

RT @CorePoliticsTV: Germany: What should Angela Merkel do next? Debate: German MEPs @HansOlafHenkel & @davidmcallister discuss the 'crisis of #Merkel', Jamaica Coalition talks, SDP & the impact on Germany's influence in #Brexit talks VIDEO:

RT @CorePoliticsTV: And now @HansOlafHenkel German MEP who says #Brexit is a lose lose situation & that Britain leaving is same at 19 smaller countries leaving 🇪🇺 Full interview coming soon

RT @CorePoliticsTV: Brussels should "give the British a new deal" on EU membership Says former-President of German Business Body, @Der_BDI, @HansOlafHenkel "It is a deal for Britain AND the European Union" #Brexit WATCH FULL:

RT @CorePoliticsTV: Brussels MUST give UK a new deal on EU Membership - says German MEP and former @Der_BDI President, @HansOlafHenkel German Business figures launch 'New Deal for Britain' Initiative WATCH: #Brexit

Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP (EU) tweeted :

My speech to the plenary of the European Parliament on #Brexit and the failed agreement of Theresa May. We need a New Deal for Britain! Support us at: #EP #BrexitDeal #BrexitVote #NewDeal #Remain #Europe