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Conservative Brexiteer. Books/films: What Women Want Migrant Crime Wave/Homelands

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Janice Atkinson (EU) tweeted :

Pakistanis responsible for 50% of #COVID19 They fly in and go straight to hospital Pakistan healthcare not good enough? Muslim airline Emirates bans Pakistani flights. Why aren’t we? Pakistan was origin for HALF of Britain's imported corona cases

Janice Atkinson (EU) tweeted :

More for Nicola to house in Stormont

RT @MarcherLord1: RT @MarcherLord1: Last week: “Bring down evil capitalism” This week: “Ohh look, shiny new things !!”

RT @AdrianaStuijt: @jacojvr @nealberk @JeanKriek @GroenewaldPJ @AntonAlberts @MulderCorn @VFPlus @Martinbosma_pvv @Janice4Brexit in 2017. The Smuts family, four members, were murdered execution style, with shots through their heads, and only the 2 children/grandchildren of the two murdered couples now survive. How are these 2 youngsters coping I wonder?

RT @HarrietSergeant: Detailed and shocking - how China crushed domestic whistle blowers and wasted 40 days blocking information. Xi Jinping’s China did this… via @timesofisrael

RT @darrengrimes_: The idea that Margaret Thatcher would have backed Remain is pretty laughable. Here she is in 1995 on voting against Maastricht: “Now we know the extent to which our Parliamentary sovereignty is being diminished, and the extent to which we’re no longer masters of our own law.”

RT @darrengrimes_: It’s morally wrong that a single individual is attempting to use his wealth to alter the will of millions of everyday Brits. It is even worse when an oligarch is able to exercise significant influence over the future of a society that he is not a part of.…

RT @darrengrimes_: Britain Stronger in Europe: If we vote to leave the EU, it will damage trade 📦 UK exports up 11.3% on 2016 📉 Trade deficit narrowed by £7bn 👩🏻‍🏭 Goods increased 13.4% in 2017 🏦 Services up 8.7% in 2017

RT @darrengrimes_: RT @darrengrimes_: @Janice4Brexit Interviewed him for BrexitCentral once, he was very pleasant and pretty pragmatic.

RT @darrengrimes_: Ireland’s top tax and customs official says he is “almost 100% certain” that we do not need physical infrastructure at the border post-Brexit. But the EU is keen to use the Irish border to bounce the UK into giving up as much control to Brussels as possible. We mustn't let them.…