All deleted tweets from politicians

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Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @AwardsDarwin :

RT @AwardsDarwin: A Man From Florida Lost His Arm After An Alligator Ate His Keys

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @HistoryTime_ :

RT @HistoryTime_: July 20, 1969 - Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin became the first people to walk on the moon. #Apollo50t…

RT @MrKennethClarke: This is what I’ll look like on the day we finally leave the EU.

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @JamesMelville :

RT @JamesMelville: This time next week, Boris Johnson will have been announced as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Goodnight…

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @history2cool :

RT @history2cool: That morning on this day 50 years ago when you board a spaceship to go walk on another celestial world.…

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @TheTweetOfGod :

RT @TheTweetOfGod: I support the legalization of reality.

Petr Ježek (EU) tweeted :

Noví Chalupáři #007

Petr Ježek (EU) replied to @Aktualnecz :

@Aktualnecz Propašovali k nám místopředsedu Poslanecké sněmovny Parlamentu ČR...

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @ianbremmer :

RT @ianbremmer: This doesn’t bode well…

Petr Ježek (EU) retweeted @EUwatchers :

RT @EUwatchers: ESMA addresses derivatives trading obligation concerns following entry into force of EMIR Refit Friday 12 July 2019 15:55 T…