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@sinnfeinireland MEP. Member of SF Officer Board & Ard Comhairle Member of EP Palestinian Delegation + @EP_Justice, @EPInstitutional & @EP_Regional Committees

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RT @IRLPatricia: RT @IRLPatricia: Guildhall square, Derry Vigil for #LyraMcKee taking place.

RT @moneillsf: Finance Minister @conormurphysf has announced new financial support: 🚌£30m for public transport 👩‍🏫£12m for substitute teachers 👨‍⚕️£1.6m to support nurses 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦£13.8m for vulnerable citizens 🤝£15m for charities 👩🏼‍🌾£25m for agriculture business 👨🏼‍🎓£2.8m for student hardship

Martina Anderson MLA (EU) tweeted :

Stormont today re A5 & A6 Road works Zoom to discuss TEO matters Food delivered in afternoon Grateful to Minister @DeirdreHargey 4 helping constituents Tonight helping ppl self-isolating, shielding Zoom with Rural Cumann Phone call with policy lead Now a load of prep to do

Martina Anderson MLA (EU) tweeted :

In answer to my question the infrastructure Minister assures Derry & the north west that the A5 & A6 will continue to be progressed As a member of the infrastructure I will scrutinise every stage of development to ensure they are #TacklingRegionalInequalities

RT @DerrySinnFein: Foyle MLA @k_mullanhas said a £12 million funding package to support substitute teachers announced today by the Finance Minister is welcome. @M_AndersonSF @aileen2352 @SandraDuffySF @tinaburke87 @ElishaMcC_SF @CMcGin2006 @charleslamberto @Bogsideandproud

RT @DavidKennedy80: Every Nationalist should watch this clip on what these results mean for Unionism. Spoiler: Very very bad news #GeneralElection2019

RT @IRLPatricia: RT @IRLPatricia: Mervyn Gibson says “many” police and soldiers went to jail for conflict related offences. No Mervyn, they didn’t.

RT @IRLPatricia: So let me see if I have this right... SF is responsible for homelessness in the north but oversee a health service which has enough spare capacity and efficiency for Michéal Martin's constituents to have their cataracts done in Belfast?

RT @olafcramme: Latest 2018 growth forecast by the European Commission: 🇨🇮 5.7% 🇲🇩 4.5% 🇵🇱 4.3%, 🇭🇺 4.0% 🇸🇰 4.0% 🇧🇬 3.8% 🇪🇪 3.7% 🇨🇿 3.4% 🇳🇱 3.0% 🇪🇸 2.9% 🇦🇹 2.8% 🇸🇪 2.6% 🇫🇮 2.5% 🇩🇪 2.3% 🇵🇹 2.3% 🇫🇷 2.0% 🇬🇷 1.9% 🇧🇪 1.8% 🇮🇹 1.5% 🇬🇧 1.5% #ECForecast