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Marcus Pretzell (EU) tweeted :


Marcus Pretzell (EU) tweeted :

Damit das mal klar ist: ich werde stärker diskriminiert als Homosexuelle. 😉

RT @RaheemKassam: Sorry @BBC but at LEAST until you stop calling us "far right", you don't get to request my expertise on anything... https…

Marcus Pretzell (EU) replied to @uwe_kamann :

@uwe_kamann Ich wünsche Dir das doppelte, was du mir wünschst. ;-)

RT @Imamofpeace: “Let us kill the white man, the white man must die” #SouthAfricanfarmers

RT @Imamofpeace: Australian Muslim Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate says he wishes ISIS kidnaps me and chops my head off.…

RT @Imamofpeace: Far-Right terrorism is as bad as ISIS terrorism. #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack

RT @Imamofpeace: I just checked online, @Walmart down the road from you is selling 12 Croissants for $3.98. One expensive shop doesn’t mean…

RT @Westosteron: @marcuspretzell @goettingereu @fraukepetry @bild @tagesschau my dear mister singing association. This is so what from unde…