All deleted tweets from politicians

UKIP MEP for the East Midlands. Love Europe, not the EU. All views are mine. UKIP Small Business Spokesperson

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RT @MilkcartonWINS: RT @MilkcartonWINS: Even audience members had to tell @ImiMorgan to be quiet, yet she insists she let @Nigel_Farage answer.…

RT @DouglasCarswell: RT @DouglasCarswell: If Eurocrats still think we think like this, there’s no point in talking to them. #bullying #domineering #EU https://…

RT @DanielA84612544: RT @DanielA84612544: @BNONews @MargotLJParker Kind of defeats the point of a quarantine....◽

RT @m_fieldgeneral: RT @m_fieldgeneral: @MargotLJParker Will she join TBP?

RT @CatharineHoey: @pmdfoster @JulianSmithUK I personally am pleased Julian Smith has gone and think peter foster is more than a wet. He has always been anti Brexit and pro Irish gov. Julian got far too close to Coveny. K

RT @HowlandRobin: RT @HowlandRobin: Hey @theresa_may thought you might like to congratulate @Nigel_Farage on reaching 1M followers ◽ #FollowFarage

RT @HowlandRobin: .@JamesCleverly "if we don't get a deal they [EU] won't get a divorce payment." Implies we're paying for a trade deal. Why pay to trade, when we've a trade deficit with EU? If not obliged to pay anything, why pay anything? The more offered, the more you incentivise a bad deal.

RT @HowlandRobin: RT @HowlandRobin: In what capacity are you discussing Brexit options with foreign officials?…

RT @HowlandRobin: 'We're not asking for an extension', 'We will be leaving', 'It's in legislation', 'I'm clear', 'I can absolutely guarantee'.