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RT @carolecadwalla: This is helpful. Thank you @davidallengreen. Allow me: Cummings, who previously led the Vote Leave campaign which was found to have broken the law & subsequently was found in contempt of parliament, is now considered by Durham police to have committed a criminal offence…

Richard Corbett (EU) retweeted @thetimes :

RT @thetimes: Scientists, politicians, academics and advisers reveal the inside story of ministers’ desperate battle with the virus before the country finally locked down.

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

@MichelBarnier replies to the letter from various MPs about possible extension of the post- #Brexit transition period (Yes, if UK wants it)

RT @AlistairBarrie: Remember the exciting tracing app that was being trialled on the Isle of Wight? According to my parents, who live there, it has been ‘lost’. Yes ladies and gentlemen. The government has managed to lose a tracing app.

RT @mdouganlpool: Good to laugh at post-truth populists. But as myself & incomparable @CR_OBrien wrote of their Brexit tactics: goal isn't to convince anyone to *believe* their lies; it's to make people feel there is no such thing as "truth" anymore = even more dangerous…

RT @antoniosteve: @pimlicat Very hard to read Sections 12-14 without concluding that the only statements a special advisor can make are authorised communication of the Minister who hired them's point of view. So, when he speaks today, he must surely be speaking for the PM?

RT @GeorgePeretzQC: The legal question is whether Cummings breached regulation 6 of the The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 as they stood at the time.

RT @lolkirkwood: How to rant in a tweet? The latest govt crap: asking us to #pickforbritain the day after they celebrated passing a new immigration law that stops Europeans picking for Britain, as they’d done for years. Set people against each other on basis of their nationality. #Fascism

RT @RichardGCorbett: #BrexitReality If you’ve only read the government/Tory/Mail/Express/Sun/Telegraph take on the crisis in the EU-UK post- #Brexit talks, here’s the view from the EU side:…