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Member of European Parliament for North West England. Continuing to campaign for Brexit, democracy and freedom. Contact:

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RT @TheBlueWaveUK: 53% of people in @DrPhillipLeeMP's constituency voted Leave, but he's trying to justify his attempts to sabotage Brexit by lying to a Tory fringe event and saying they backed Remain. We're running this ad in his constituency to hold him to account!

RT @TheBlueWaveUK: Meet our new President, @Steven_Woolfe! #BlueWave🌊 Steven has today applied to join the Conservative party: "We need to ensure the Brexit that the 17.4m voted for is honoured." You can too at…

RT @TheBlueWaveUK: It's time for members to mobilise and push for real reform of the Conservative party. Make the Conservative Party Great Again! Join the Conservatives to make your voice heard at

RT @TheBlueWaveUK: Our President, @Steven_Woolfe in the @Telegraph: “The Prime Minister has betrayed democracy, and not for the first time. We voted Out. Now there will be no Out.” Certainly not with the current administration. ➡️…

RT @matanasher: RT @matanasher: NRG חדשות - פוליטי/מדיני - קבוצת אלון ליאל קוראת לאירופה להחריף את הצעדים נגד ישראל… @Steven_Woolfe …

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RT @LozzaFox: RT @LozzaFox: Chatting to @prwhittle about the beginnings of @thereclaimparty

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RT @LozzaFox: Those that wish to segregate us into groups based on our skin colour and perceived grievance, are patronising those they claim to care so deeply about, by denying us our individuality. It’s regressive, divisive and so damaging to our wonderful society.

RT @GawainTowler: Today EM Forster would look across Westminster and say, 'If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my friend'. To few have the guts.

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: .@UKIP poster van in put out of action by vandals… The level of criminality and intimidation faced …

RT @GawainTowler: RT @GawainTowler: @standuptoUKIP you proud that the demonstrators so scared his young children that they fled and were lost for 30 mins?