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Reinhard Bütikofer (EU) tweeted :

In INTA discussion on EU trade enforcement legislation Renew, EPP & S&D do support a unilateral approach that they call "pragmatic". Proposing provisional counter measures before a ruling of a WTO panel is a weird idea 4 people pretending to be multilateralists. Unrealistic, too.

RT @IlvesToomas: RT @IlvesToomas: A good interview with Reinhard Bütikofer @bueti, one of the European Parliament's smartest MEPs in foreign policy https:/…

RT @PlatonSbastien: RT @PlatonSbastien: The President of the Polish Supreme Court is harassed for applying an order of the @EUCourtPress.

RT @TheresaAFallon: The narrative in EU is that PRC is a partner on climate change—time to look at what Beijing does, not just what it says.

Reinhard Bütikofer (EU) retweeted @mims :

RT @mims: The cafes, stores and public spaces are packed in Seoul, South Korea, a city with but 18 new cases as of Friday. The secret? Mass testing.…

RT @b_judah: “Historians in the next millennium may find that the 20th century’s greatest fallacy was the belief that infectious disease were nearing elimination. The resultant complacency has actually increased the threat.” US Department of Defense, 1998

RT @ForeignPolicy: Despite 220 retired Israeli leaders taking out a full-page newspaper ad against the move, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pressing forward with his plan for unilateral annexation of West Bank territory.

Reinhard Bütikofer (EU) retweeted @bueti :

RT @bueti: Webinar: "Containment Strategies against #Covid-19: Experiences from the Republic of Korea" by Jutta Paulus/Reinhard Bütikofer, with Ambassador Yoon Soongu, Head of the Mission of the Republic of #Korea to the EU 20.04., 6:00-7:00 PM CET Want to join?

RT @danielmack: RT @danielmack: Übrigens: Deutschland hat 2014 knapp 3 Flüchtlinge pro 1000 Einwohner aufgenommen. #WorldRefugeeDay