All deleted tweets from politicians

Catherine Bearder former MEP🔶🕷


Isolation-ista Liberal Democrat. Board member of IFAW Protecting the Environment and Fighting Human Trafficking. I tried to stop Brexit

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RT @JaneyisLittle: Please sign this petition for the UK government to take questions from under 18s in the COVID-19 daily briefings. Sign and share!

RT @BarnesSYork: RT @BarnesSYork: Great idea @GuyVerhofstadt,despite protestations from a desperate @AndrewBridgenMP who wishes to decide for us all. https:…

RT @Liberal97: Massive thank you to @europesheila and @IsabelleParasra for organising an amazing educational trip to the European Parliament for a group of us from diverse backgrounds 🇪🇺

RT @DominicBuxton: RT @DominicBuxton: Jackie Weaver is at #YLConf and she has the authority!! ◽

RT @jimwaterson: RT @jimwaterson: Oh this is just too easy.

RT @trevor_stables: Putin for life in Russia, China Human Rights abuses, Trump in America. If ever there was a need for The #EU and Britain's membership of it, it is now.

RT @trevor_stables: French Government have announced à €7billion package to improve the wages of it's Health Care staff. France already has à fantastic Health system that works. What better way to say thank you ?

RT @trevor_stables: RT @trevor_stables: .@itvnews. .@ITVJoel You never mentioned impact of no deal Brexit on 31 Dec by the Kamikaze Johnson Govt!!!

RT @Kit_Yates_Maths: On the Dido Harding “mutations are something we were not able to predict” front - I just chanced upon this in my daughter’s science book. She is seven.