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MEP @Europarl_EN from @RenewEurope, President of @Youth_MRF, Vice President @ALDEparty, Former member of @liberalinternat Human Rights Committee

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Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) retweeted @RomanJakic :

RT @RomanJakic: MRF President of Honor, Ahmed Dogan is know as a defender of liberal democratic values in Bulgaria. He introduced ethnic peace in his country. I’m shocked reading that he and his property is under right wing extremists attack. This is unacceptable in Europe. @dps_news @LIBSEEN

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) retweeted @ENC_Europe :

RT @ENC_Europe: 📣Online discussion❗️Join ENC, Uzbek Embassy and MEP @ilhankyuchyuk 🇺🇿 Rapporteur this Thursday (16/07) 10am to discuss the #humandimension to EU-#Uzbekistan relations, #youth, exchange, and a better life for #CentralAsian citizens 🇰🇿🇺🇿🇰🇬🇹🇲🇹🇯…

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) tweeted :

I welcome the impartial conduct of elections in #NorthMacedonia held under #COVID19. First results show that the creation of government will take some time but I expect the formation of a stable majority that can take a political responsibility for the #EU future of the country.

RT @liberalinternat: Populist, right-wing attacks against @dps_news Honorary President Ahmed #Dogan to ferment division and undo the success of #Bulgaria's peaceful ethnic model are unacceptable MRF stands for Euro-Atlantic development of #Bulgaria - violence has no place in politics

RT @hansvanbaalen: MRF President of Honour Ahmed Dogan introduced ethnic peace in Bulgaria. He should be treated with respect. It is unacceptable that right wing extremists are attacking him and his property. @dps_news 🇧🇬

RT @sirgrahamwatson: Developments in Bulgaria are increasingly worrying. Right winger Hristo Ivanov and his supporters are targetting leading Liberal and founder of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Ahmed Dogan, invading his private property and inciting people to hatred towards him.

RT @DefensePost: Azerbaijan and Armenia traded accusations of launching a military offensive using artillery fire along their shared border, with Baku reporting two troops killed.…

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) tweeted :
Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) tweeted :

In continuation to my letter to Amb. Stefano Sannino I have received the following letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of #Andora H. E. Luca Beccari. Read more here👇

Ilhan Kyuchyuk (EU) tweeted :

The election result in #Serbia gives @avucic the absolute power and I hope he will consolidate the process achieved so far and advance with the #EU related refoms.