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Julie Ward Former MEP 🌍🌹🇪🇺✊🌿🕷🌈


Labour Co-op MEP NW England 2014-20 poet, cultural activist #FeministZealot #HumanRights Social change via empowerment of people @Another_Europe RT≠endorsement

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RT @peoplesvotefor1: We had an extraordinary day in Strasbourg yesterday with @julie4nw @catherinemep and @TheresaMEP. As @SHKMEP told us a few weeks ago, there is no form of brexit that will not damage Britain. Please vote with this in mind @Sandbach

RT @markedurgent: A singular bastion of progressive liberal thought, deserted by its central government decades ago and through self determination and a helping hand from Brussels regenerated a city that was scheduled for demolition. But you know “calm down calm down” “Robbin’ scousers” etc...…

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RT @ace_love: RT @ace_love: The way PLP have tarnished #Corbyn supporters, you'd expect a lot of rage about @SarahChampionMP coming back, I see nothing b…

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RT @AyersAlain: Has Woody Johnson, US Ambassador to UK given us all a big Brexit reality check? NHS will be sold off. Say No to Brexit. Revoke. #brexit @julie4nw @jeremycorbyn @MichelBarnier @Labour4EU