All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @pbp_gillian: Hi, I'm Gillian Brien and I'm super excited to step forward as @pb4p Dublin Central Political Candidate. Why now? Watch my video and find out what I'm passionate about #Repealthe8th #Housing #Homelessness #YoungPeople #LGBT #PBPIreland @RBoydBarrett @bridsmith @Ginosocialist

RT @nerdarama: RT @nerdarama: The title sponsor for the Late Late Show Katie Hopkins hate fest is @renaultireland. RTÉ won't listen to us but their sponso…

RT @lukeming: Imagine someone going around burning your money. You’d be annoyed wouldn’t you? Well it’s happening. Watch this. #Promnotes #NotOurDebt #BallyheaSaysKnow

RT @KevoC2: RT @KevoC2: And the award for best tweet of 2018 goes to : ◽◽◽◽…

RT @joeymccallion: @lukeming @NightLizard89 Fair play Luke. Twitter is a better place when points of view and opinions are challenged with evidence or a lack there of

RT @joeymccallion: RT @joeymccallion: @lukeming I hope you adhere to the dress code ;)…

RT @lukeming: RT @lukeming: "We couldn't have political banking" after the last crash according to Brian Hayes. The politician turned banker. @PatKennyNT

RT @Pollydonnellan: RT @Pollydonnellan: I just signed this petition, will you join me?… via @UpliftIRL

RT @lukeming: RT @lukeming: Stop the subsidy of this crap.